Our story starts in Amsterdam, 1864, where a young man named Gerard Adriaan Heineken,
who was only 22 years old, bought an old brewery.
From that single brewery, we have become the world’s most international brewer.
As a global family, we’ve been brewing for 150 years and our portfolio consists of 250 brands sold in 170 countries.

At HEINEKEN Malaysia’s Sungei Way Brewery, we brew and market some of the world’s most loved brands;
Heineken®, Tiger, Guinness, Anchor and Strongbow Apple Ciders.
We know you’ve heard of us, perhaps even shared a glass or two with us.
But brewing premium beer, stout, cider and other exciting beverages is not the only thing we do.

From barley to bar, we pour our care and attention into everything we do.
We are masters of the craft and committed to the science of brewing as well as the end result.
We choose the highest quality of seeds and grain. We find a way to make our packaging as earth-friendly as possible.
We carefully manage the distribution of our products through the market and promote responsible consumption through our Drink Sensibly platform.
We bring our brands to life through world-class experiences and we invest in the communities we work in to protect our environment.

Because it’s not just about us.
We’re aiming for something more. Something greater.
We’re brewing a better world.

And that’s just a taste of what we do.
What we really love is bringing people together,
because we believe the best moments in life are shared.





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Discover a career full of possibilities at HEINEKEN Malaysia.





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