Success depends on how you behave and how you think in your day-to-day interactions, so we want to make sure you’re equipped with the right mindset, habits, skills and knowledge to be a top performer. We use skill-based training to sharpen your mind to perform under pressure or handle situations that need a bit of finesse. Every situation can be turned to your advantage if you know how and we want to give you the tools to make things happen.

Here’s a taste of some of the training programmes we conducted over the past year;

Discovering HEINEKEN Malaysia

This programme helps new joiners understand the Company in terms of heritage, vision, values and operations. The programme is experiential and takes you through a tour of the Sungei Way Brewery as well as a live demonstration on how to tap beer.

Dynamics of Influencing

Influencing requires you to see yourself as others see you and to adapt to the style of others. It creates charisma, enhances presenting, persuasion and negotiation skills. The result is the ability to “market” your ideas, products and services over a sustainable time frame and build on your network and reputation.

First Time Manager Programme 

This is an important programme for those who have been promoted from an executive to a managerial role or if you have staff reporting to you for the first time. Learn about what it means to be a manager and how you can succeed in your role as a manager.

Achieving Through Change

Through this workshop you’ll learn how to prepare for and achieve success in any circumstance. Equipped with the mindset of change you’ll be able to create readiness in yourself and others to react positively in a changing environment.

Managing for Results

Part of the HEINEKEN Malaysia signature leadership series, this programme teaches managers to be competent in effectively engaging their people to produce better results. Key topics like situational leadership, delegation and empowerment will be covered.

Leading For Change

A critical part of the HEINEKEN Malaysia signature leadership series, this programme helps managers lead their teams in a changing environment. Learn how to change and steer your teams to get the best out of change





Fun With Us

Discover a career full of possibilities at HEINEKEN Malaysia.





Grow With Us

Find out how we give our people the freedom to develop and grow meaningful careers.





Join Us

Are you ready to start your amazing career journey with us? Join us now.






Discover a career full of possibilities at HEINEKEN Malaysia.





Moments Matter

We share our success together, recognise it in others and reflect on what we’ve accomplished.





Workplace & Facilities

We leave no stone unturned to make sure you feel comfortable during work hours.

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