Innovation plays a key role in HEINEKEN Malaysia’s success. 

Our experience has shown that taking on innovative challenges makes our brand relevant with our consumers, and breakthrough innovations set the standard in the world to show what’s really possible. And it’s not only internally, we believe that great ideas and innovative solutions can come from anywhere: not only from our own people, also from our consumers, our suppliers or other external sources. That’s why we have platforms like the Innovators Brewhouse and our HEINEKEN Innovation Challenge to fuel our future growth.

The global Innovation Challenge 2017 focused on consumer-facing innovations that Drop the C – reducing carbon emissions. Out of 28 participating OpCos and more than 5000 participants, our Malaysian Team came out on top!

From the 2600 ideas submitted worldwide, Malaysia was 1 of 4 selected by a global jury and invited to participate in a 3-day iLABS workshop to help prototype and prepare the idea for a market test. The concept and result of the market test were presented during annual commerce week where the public voted for their winner.

Overcoming all the odds, our brightest stars: Pearly Lim, Innovation Strategy Manager; Wilson Lim, Innovation Insights Planner; and Hum Chung Ghee, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Innovation were crowned champions of the HEINEKEN Innovation Challenge 2017 beating Austria, Greece-Bulgaria and Spain!

From opportunity to idea, and from concept to pilot. In a span of less than 3 months, our idea was prototyped and tested in-market, proving that we can make ideas happen – faster!

What was the challenge?
“Drop the C”
HEINEKEN has always wanted to save the environment and be greener, and in our entire value chain, packaging contributes to the highest carbon emission followed by all the other things in the brewery. So we wanted “Drop the C” to help reduce carbon emissions in our systems and of course impact the environment we work in.

What was your solution?
Fully biodegradable 6-can packaging for Tiger beer using only coconut shells and potato starch.
We decided to use Tiger because Tiger’s global ambition is to be a brand with a purpose so it was a no-brainer to tag our coconut innovation to the brand. Through reusing waste products, creating recyclable secondary packaging and a bottle cap initiative to spread awareness on recycling, this finalist can reshape the Tiger brand.

We saw our opportunity in coconuts!  

Coconut waste is so abundant in our country and is currently being burnt openly, which contributes to a lot of carbon emissions. Initially we wanted to design and make packaging using 100% coconut husk but it wasn’t possible in the timeframe because we only had 3 months to turn our idea into a working prototype and test it in the market.

There were a lot of challenges and questions we needed to figure out along the way, and as we worked with our supplier we had to shift our expectations of what was possible in the timeframe. But it turned out really well.

Pearly, Wilson and Chung Ghee share the highlights of their amazing achievement:





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