There is no doubt that actions speak louder than words.
And how we do things matters just as much as what we do.
Our Greenprint to Win provide a simple guide for everyone at HEINEKEN
to help us drive the performance of our company and make us each more successful at work.

Our Greenprint to Win will take us where we want to be
and where we deserve to be as a business and as individuals.


1- Put Safety First!
Safety goes beyond the brewery gates – it is for all of us, all of the time. At the end of every day we want to go home safe and well. Taking care of ourselves and those around us is always our top priority.

2 – Act As An Entrepreneur
We are passionate about our company. We always take responsibility and act as if we are owners. We want to win and we keep looking for opportunities to grow our business, for today and tomorrow.

3 – Collaborate Through Trust
We always think of ‘we’ before ‘me’. We believe in the power that comes from our relationships and working together for a common goal. All our leadership teams set the example for this alignment.

4 – Keep It Simple
We make things simple internally so that we can focus where it matters – winning in the marketplace. When things are simple they are easier to explain, operate and more likely to work. Better done than perfect.

5 – Learn, To Improve
We are open-minded and eager to learn. We keep moving forward without forgetting the lessons of the past. We value experience, data and insights as vital business assets. Our individual learning drives business success.





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Discover a career full of possibilities at HEINEKEN Malaysia.





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Discover a career full of possibilities at HEINEKEN Malaysia.





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